Justina Ward is an Australian-British singer and songwriter from Adelaide, best known for her singles ‘Be There’, ‘Spare Some Light’, ‘Drifter’, and ‘One Bag’. Her alluring vocals, along with her refined and stripped back musicality, blends pop, indie pop, pastoral folk, neo soul folk and chamber pop. Her music contains personal and confessional lyrics and she doesn’t refrain from speaking her mind. She will “shake you to your core” – Amnplify and “give you goosebumps” – Indie Music Centre. Justina’s “talent as a musician is undeniable and her music is relatable, emotional, yet easy to listen to” – Amnplify. She produces a sound that is unequivocally Australian yet global in scope. With the accompaniment of the guitar and drums, Justina Ward’s performance will create a soothing, chill, sensual, and powerful atmosphere.


“…the vocals and lyrics are enough to give you goosebumps” Indiemusiccenter
“She is an artist who is going to shake you to your core but also soothe you at the same time” AMNplify
“… the young artist’s abilities to draw you in with a charming vulnerability” A&R Factory

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