Claudia Finn and Josh Kroehn are the dynamic duo

KROEHN-FINN Acoustic Duo

Claudia Finn and Josh Kroehn are the dynamic duo you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding or special event. With their seamless blend of heartfelt vocals and masterful guitar melodies, they bring a touch of warmth and magic to every performance.

Claudia, with her soulful voice and undeniable stage presence, has been enchanting audiences since she first stepped onto the scene. Her passion for music shines through in every note she sings, creating an emotional connection that resonates with listeners long after the last chord has faded.

Josh, a virtuoso guitarist with a knack for crafting captivating arrangements, provides the perfect complement to Claudia’s vocals. His skilful playing adds depth and dimension to their sound, elevating each song to new heights of beauty and expression.

Together, Claudia and Josh form a musical partnership that is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether they’re performing a beloved classic or putting their own unique spin on a modern favourite, their chemistry is undeniable, creating an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.

From intimate ceremonies to lively receptions, Claudia Finn and Josh Kroehn are the ideal choice for couples seeking the perfect soundtrack for their special day. With their talent, passion, and dedication to their craft, they turn moments into memories that will last a lifetime.

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